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  • Pre 1904

    In the spring of 1560, James Crichton of Clunie was born in Perthshire, Scotland. An unusually gifted prodigy, he was a fine horseman, swordsman, singer, musician and orator. He spoke 12 languages fluently and was the first man to be known as The Admirable Crichton.

    With all these gifts, he was employed in Venice, as the tutor to the son of the Duke of Mantua. A great lover of beautiful Italian women, he fought a duel over a ravishing Venetian princess and on the 3rd July 1582 he was killed, his talents lost forever.

    No other Admirable Crichton existed until 1903, when Sir James Barrie Bt. another Scot and the author of Peter Pan, penned a play called The Admirable Crichton. His hero was based on the Chevalier Crichton of old, except that this time the super capable man was a butler.

    He and his employers were shipwrecked on a desert island and it was to Crichton that the family all turned to solve their problems. Inventive and talented, he cooked delicious food, erected a glamorous shelter, managed to salvage fine wine and brandy from the wreck, and even decorated their dining table with beautiful tropical flowers plucked from the islands plants and arranged in the pale pink conch shells he found lying on the beach. His talents and skills were well rewarded and he became an ever more valued member of the family.

  • The Past 33 Years

    Drawing from the inspiration of James Clunie in 1560 and the famous play about a truly capable butler who saved a shipwrecked family on a desert island, The Admirable Crichton was launched in 1981. Now one of the world’s leading Catering and Party Planning businesses, we bring together a group of incredibly talented people who create mind-blowing parties, inspired by the legacy of two exceptional figures of the same name.

    Over the last 33 years we have had the privilege of planning events for many members of the British and European Royal Families, and in 2002 we were honoured to be awarded a Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales as a benchmark of the standards we are renowned for.

    Upholding the honour of the two other Admirable Crichton’s who epitomised the company’s philosophy of Entertaining Luxury, is our constant task, and we thrive on the creation of ever more glamorous parties and delicious food, which will become the future heritage of The Admirable Crichton.