The AC Offers a Complete In-House Service

Complete In-House Service
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Wedding planning, design, catering and event management

When a couple hires The AC, they can rest assured we take care of everything on their behalf.

Engaging separate and often expensive planners, designers, caterers, etc. is unnecessary because our in-house wedding planners work with you to design the look and feel of the day; the chefs create the food in our London kitchens and operations team ensure everything goes smoothly. In this, we differ from most of our competitors who have to outsource the majority of tasks for complex events and hire additional wedding planners etc.

In short, keeping everything in-house streamlines the planning, making liaison and coordination simpler; plus there are huge financial advantages when one dynamic, efficient company handles everything.

Our Wedding Planning Services

Each couple is assigned a dedicated and experienced wedding planner who knows the best suppliers to provide high quality products to suit your budget. This planner will also make it their aim to ensure the planning process is as much fun as possible. With a history of designing and producing spectacular weddings and parties all over the world, The AC’s wedding design team will make your wedding the most memorable and fun occasion.

Experience has taught us who to approach to get the most for your budget, this saves both money and time, so with The AC doing the organising, there is no need to spend hours trawling the internet comparing cutlery or loo hire companies for a good deal. After all, where is the fun in that?

AC wedding planners guide our couples through every aspect, helping with the large and small decisions, suggesting venues, liaising with suppliers and offering new ideas. On the day he or she will be there to make sure everything goes without a 'hitch' if you excuse the pun.

Wedding planning, design, catering and event management
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