Bowl Food

Satisfying, Easy to Eat, International

For more than three decades, The AC has delivered high-quality catering and event design in London, around the UK and internationally. We serve thousands of guests each year at corporate and private receptions where bowl food is often the food of choice. It is easy to serve, convenient for guests to eat, and consequently is ideally suited when space is limited.

Dishes from Around the Globe

Offering bowl food at a reception gives guests the ability to take a culinary tour of the globe in just a few hours. From the UK to France, Thailand to Spain, our creative chefs fill these tempting bowls with anything from fresh burrata, Thai green curry, braised pork cheeks or good old sausage and mash.

Variety is the Spice of Life

For short receptions, serving canapés alone is often sufficient, as guests often leave for supper elsewhere or go home to eat. However, for longer drinks parties, many select a variety of bowls as a more filling option.

butternut risotto
Butternut and saffron risotto

Designing our Bowl Food

Swedish hot dog with prawns
Swedish hot dog with prawns

Ingredients, Seasonality, Creativity

Seasonality is vital when head chef, Andy Ritchie, plans the new bowl food menus.  In fact, he needs to plan so far ahead that our chefs create them a full year ahead.

Firstly, this ensures our dishes are available for sale on time.  Secondly, it allows us to select the perfect ingredients to use at the peak of its flavour and readiness. The chefs are then able to check exactly how the dish will taste when served.

As an example, English asparagus season traditionally starts on St George's Day, April 23, and continues until the summer solstice on June 21. When it is out of season; we buy our asparagus from hot houses in Kent, which is the highest quality produce available at those times of the year.  Unfortunately, the taste is never as spectacular as that bought in season, highlighting our preference for seasonality. We also see examples of this in fruits such as strawberries and tomatoes, as their flavour is superb in the summer months.

Special Dietary Requirements

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher - Friendly

Today's way of life requires us to accommodate an increased number of special dietary requirements, either for health reasons or personal choice.

Vegetarian dishes always feature on our menus and Andy prepares an array of dishes for vegans and glutens free selections for coeliacs as well as inventive Kosher friendly options. Each one is carefully crafted to ensure those with dietary restrictions never lose out when attending an AC party.

Salmon ceviche, avocado, pea shoots and lime
Salmon ceviche, avocado, pea shoots and lime

New Ideas

Fish taco
Fish chowder croquette taco, rum spiked aioli, tomato, avocado and chilli salsa

Innovation is Vital – Influenced by Street Food

Our directors and staff regularly eat out with family and friends, snapping images of inspirational dishes. Staff returning from holidays abroad, proudly present Andy with menus and pictures of the great food they have sampled on their travels, many from Michelin starred restaurants. The team also follow other innovative chefs around the globe to keep up with current and up-and-coming trends. Most important of all is the creative ideas coming straight from the food-biased brains of our chefs. Many of their happiest moments are spent contemplating and creating new dishes.

Brixton is a also great place to research food - particularly bowl food. Just a stone’s throw from our Camberwell offices an amazing array of international street food is cooked by small outlets, offering great sources of new ideas.

Presentation is Key

Regional, Enticing and Vibrant

If it is true that we eat with our eyes, all our food needs to be visually appealing as well as have incredible, memorable flavours and textures. We regularly serve around 2000 different bowls at an event for 500 people, and each variety must be identical in look and volume.

Our waiting staff serve the bowl food in a wide assortment of bowls, micro plates and other stylish china and recyclable items; each one is selected to suit the style of the event or the originating country. We also have a separate menu for ‘small plates’, which offer a more refined version of bowl food and are often small versions of our starters or main courses.

Roasted seabass
Roast seabass, crushed peas, fennel and parsnip crisp

Champagne, Wine and Cocktails

beetroot salad
Red and golden beetroot, goat’s cheese and amaranth salad

Rocket Fuel for Guests

Together with our valued suppliers, CEO, Anis Asghar and sommeliers, select great wines at reasonable prices for our lists and are very fortunate to have selected a fantastic range of high quality house and fine wines at sensible prices.

Our pièce de résistance is our own label Champagne, which has beaten many top brands in several blind tastings with clients, suppliers and staff. Anis selected this Champagne on a visit to the famous region of Reims, France. Together with vineyard owner, Manuel Janisson, the blend adds a crisp, fragrant sparkle to the best glasses in town and again is superb value.

For a long bowl food reception, it is important to provide plenty of soft drinks as well as wine, Champagne and cocktails as some guests maybe driving or perhaps will not wish to drink alcohol.

With a superb list of cocktails which change seasonally, replacing some old favourites with new ideas can be harder than you may imagine. Many of our regular clients request the much loved versions, such as Bison Martini or our non-alcoholic Apple and Ginger Mojito.

In conclusion, if you are looking for fulfilling, exciting, easy to eat food, consider bowl food or small plates, as they really can be eaten with just a fork.

To discuss serving bowl food at your next event, please contact our team on:

t: 020 7326 3800

asian lotus root salad
Asian lotus root and bean sprout salad
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