Perfectly Formed, Precise and Delightful

Perfectly formed, precise and delightful The Admirable Crichton has delivered the highest quality catering and event design in London, around the UK and internationally since 1981. Over that time, we have served millions of canapés to discerning guests, some rich and famous, others infamous, but one thing connects them all – their desire for mouthwatering, impressive canapés served with panache and style.

Because the quality of each canapé needs to be of the highest calibre, only the best ingredients are selected, adhering to our policies for sustainability and provenance, ensuring that each bite is perfection.

Tuna taco, tequila and smoked avocado guacamole, crispy onions
Tuna taco, tequila and smoked avocado guacamole, crispy onions


Salmon tartar
Salmon tartar
hocolate Crème with Olive Oil, Vanilla Salt and a Popcorn Wafer
Chocolate Crème with Olive Oil, Vanilla Salt and a Popcorn Wafer

Designed by Highly Creative Chefs

Each season our Head Chef, Andy Ritchie, works in close collaboration with his team of highly skilled sous-chefs to research, design and create a full range of canapés to suit a variety of tastes. Their Inspiration comes from diverse sources; restaurants, leading chefs around the world, styling, architecture and fashion.

When planning his menus, Andy firstly creates a variety of one-bite morsels – hot and cold, meat, fish and vegetarian, followed by a more substantially sized offering of around two bites. Finally, he designs delicious, sweet treats that our staff serve towards the end of the reception. These are our pudding canapés; sweet and enticing with flavours that linger on the pallet. We are very fortunate to have such a great team with the perfect combination of such vision and practicality.

Special Dietary Requirements

Cornish crab, melon, tomato and sake caviar
Cornish crab, melon, tomato and sake caviar

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Kosher Friendly

Living in today's world causes many of us have a variety of dietary needs, either for health reasons or personal choice.

We always have vegetarian offerings but Andy also prepares vegan, gluten free and kosher friendly options and carefully crafts them to ensure those with dietary restrictions never lose out when attending an AC cocktail party.

The Look

Beautiful, Sophisticated, Elegant and Enticing

It is said that we eat with our eyes, so each tiny morsel must not only be an explosion of flavour but a mini work of art. Our chefs lovingly build each canapé to ensure the first is as perfect as the 4000th, making them something of a labour of love.

Our canapés have long been referred to by clients as 'little bites of heaven', and because they are usually the first nibble taken by a guest, the flavour needs to guide the lucky eater's thoughts to what other treats may be in store. We match the canapés to suit the event style. Those offered at a corporate reception often differ in appearance to those of a wedding. You can see an example of this here. Of course, they are always just as scrumptious.

Wedding canapé of Beetroot meringue
Wedding canapé of Beetroot meringue, Cornish blue cheese mousse - Fillet of beef with a spiced corn chowder served on a spoon for a corporate client

New Ideas

Lobster roll, mango pearls and caviar
Lobster roll, mango pearls and caviar
Chicken skewer
Potato crisp, smoked crème fraiche, wild rocket pesto Scottish sea scallop, apple and cucumber Popcorn crusted chicken skewer
Enoki mushroom
Enoki mushroom and Asian winter garden shoots with plum chutney and pickled ginger - Dublin Bay prawn cocktail

New Innovation is Vital Every Season

Our Director of Food, Rolline Frewen, travels yearly to Paris for inspiration for new canapé trays. Gone are the days when a plain white plate or black slate will suffice, although they sometimes make a stunning backdrop for a exquisite array of tempting canapés that speak for themselves. You can see an example of this in these images.

For spring/summer season 2017, glistening little islands of blue gemstones onto new light boxes and heavily textured black and white flat plates were introduced.

This season, Director and renowned event designer Ruth Lawton Owen discovered some additional trays to complement Rolline's finds. The dazzling, silver filigree plate liners and vibrant, green leaves are seen in these images.

This season, Rolline's finds were complimented by some lovely discoveries by We even asked an origami expert to create something to hold our potato crisp with crème fraiche canapé for one client's design.

Some of our canapés have such an iconic look that several of our competitors have used them for inspiration.

Bespoke Trays

Stand Out From The Crowd

On occasions, individually designed trays are required, and in January 2017, our Swedish party designer, Eva Berntsson, created a special event where bespoke trays would make a real impact. Eva had a great venue to work with, the beautiful Thames-side venue, Westminster Boating Base. Here she wowed the client and guests by transforming it into an après ski chalet and arranged to have trays designed to fit the theme.

For this event, our head chef, Andy and Operations Coordinator Grace Curren were the designers. Grace often prepares our canapés trays at events, so they sketched out their ideas. In true Blue Peter fashion with the help of paper mache, paint and string subsequently came up with these fantastic ski related trays. The guests were thrilled with both the look and the taste of the flavour-filled canapés and bowl food served to them by our attentive waiting staff.

Bespoke Trays

Delivering Perfection

Delivering Perfection

Skilled, Happy Staff With Poise and Charm

The quality offered by The AC is due in no small part to teamwork. Many venues and clients have complimented our event delivery, saying we work ‘like a machine', with each part essential to its success and perfection. With this in mind, the staff who deliver our ‘little bites of heaven' to guests have to be as perfect as the food they serve. Ace People, The AC's staffing agency was formed in 2013 to provide highly trained, attentive, reliable staff to look after each and every guest. Its mantra, ‘visibly invisible', perfectly describes the style of service we offer – discrete attention whenever it is required.

For formal canapé receptions, the waiting staff could be dressed in formal, white or black tunics, with buttons to match the décor. For more relaxed parties, the client may choose to dress them in cocktail dresses for the girls and trousers and shirts for the boys, or perhaps ski hats and jumpers. In the past we have dressed our staff as angels, devils, animals, war-time folk and children and their uniforms add an incredible twist to the event.

Champagne and Cocktails

The Perfect Accompaniment to Your Canapé Choices

Delicious canapés, cool, crisp Champagne and interesting cocktails are essential components of any successful, elegant reception and The AC are very proud to have our own privately labelled Champagne. 

Our CEO, Anis Asghar, travelled to the famous Champagne producing town of Reims, France to find an outstanding Champagne, something affordable and with incredible provenance to offer our clients; something that no other caterer has to offer. After touring many lush vineyards and caves, he settled on the Janisson estate. The man behind the wine, owner Manuel Janisson, treated Anis and his wife Lynn to a complete tour of the property, explaining the long history of the Janisson family's brand and gave an opportunity to sample every style produced, from Cuvee to grand cru. This whole process was purely to ensure the perfect blend of course!

Janisson’s calm vineyards, magnificent caves and stunning new office building provide this Champagne house with the perfect blend of historic production techniques learned over several generations and modern technological approaches. The result is the unique blend on offer today as our house Champaign.  The AC is very proud that it has beaten several top brands during numerous blind tastings and is a very popular choice for our discerning clients.

If you would like to experience a canapé reception by The Admirable Crichton, call our planners today to discuss your requirements.

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Hot smoked salmon
Champagne and Cocktails
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