A Cosmic Christmas at The Vaults

The Best Christmas Party in London

This year the AC and The Vaults are excited to present 'A Cosmic Christmas' at The Vaults in Leake Street, beneath Waterloo Station. From blast off to splashdown guests are taken on an adventure through a weird and wonderful world based on A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. An immersive, theatrical world of warp drive chambers, alien sirens and abandoned space crafts. Guests enjoy festive, delicious food and drink as they party in the alternative universe that is 'A Cosmic Christmas'.

Contact Eva, our Christmas Event Planner for The Vaults to discuss your Christmas party plans and make sure that Christmas 2017 will be unforgettable.

Take a flight here to view the package, or float on down into the universe below

e: eva@admirable-crichton.co.uk t: 020 7326 3800

Rebooting Warp Drives

Let your Space Tour Commence...

The party begins even before guests enter A Cosmic Christmas.  Begin your journey to an alternative universe from The Vault's entrance in Leake Street, SE1 7NN.  Leake Street has the only licensed graffiti wall in London.  Examine the street art.  Perhaps there will be clues about your journey...

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Moon Motel

Tour the Galaxy this Holiday Season

  • Arrival reception
  • Performers meet & greet
  • Cloakroom
  • Take a giant leap off the planet earth into the great expanse of space

Stand by - Reality Disappearing, Decompression Commencing

  • Pass through warp drive chambers
  • Your guests arrive on new planets

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Water Caverns

Discover the Water Caverns of the Martian Crust

  • Drinks reception – top up tray service – bar available
  • Grab foods served
  • Performers populate and bring to life the alien plant life
  • Fabulous and wondrous setting for a drinks reception
  • Delicious alien plant life seating and poseur tables

Resurface on the Crimson Canyons of Mars

  • Pose by the giant pyramids of Mars
  • Take a seat amongst the Martian landscape
  • Giant mountains of red silver and glitter
  • Sparkling neon signage
  • Click here to view the food served in the Canyon

Crimson Canvons
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The Party at the End of the Universe

  • Main food served here
  • Drink service continues
  • DJ performs throughout the evening
  • Party like it’s the end of the universe
  • Dance platforms
  • Spiral illusion stage
  • Space-ship booth seating
  • Robot poseur tables
  • Floor to ceiling light up dance poles
  • Light up bar
  • Over-head L.E.D web light show

Uncover the Real Story Behind the Man in the Moon

  • Interact with the man in the moon
  • Real-time, super imposed projected images
  • An experience room to be enjoyed throughout the night

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Forbidden Planet

Tour the Galaxy This Holiday Season

  • Slip away from the party
  • Ominous at first - your bravery takes over
  • Sit amongst the abandoned wrecks and become transfixed by the calls of the alien sirens
  • Let the forbidden planet wash away the end of days

The package £100 per person + VAT

  • Bespoke design and theming by immersive artists experts Darling & Edge
  • Live performances and interactive theatre
  • Excellently chosen party tunes from our experienced DJs
  • Supervised cloakroom for all guests bags and coats
  • Exclusive venue hire available for late finishes
  • Capacities between 200 – 1000 guests
  • Exquisite catering from the fabulous Admirable Crichton
  • Unlimited Prosecco reception for the first hour, followed by beer, wine and softs
  • 3 Grab food items per person, 4 bowl food items per person
  • Upgradable packages – spirits, photo booths, late-night bites, specialist performers, pudding

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