Sporting events

The AC is no stranger to exceptional sporting events. From the Olympics or race events to in -house sports competitions, we can help with planning an execution.
Our sporting event components:
  • Brand evaluation
  • Event concept
  • Target audience
  • Return on investment
  • Planning
  • Logistics
  • Competitor and guest catering
  • Post-event analysis
A case study of The Endurance Cup
Like most Brits, as soon as March arrives, we start to look forward to summertime. Better weather (hopefully), some sunshine and lots of great parties and events. So, as the daffodils fade and the roses start to open, at The AC our attention turns to the exciting sporting events that make up The Endurance Cup Festival.
Skilled horse riders compete in races around the world throughout the year, coming to the UK each summer. Hundreds of riders, grooms, trainers and vets arrive firstly to Windsor Great Park and then later in the summer at Euston Park for a series of five rides. The AC is proud to have been involved in this event for several years, travelling to Pisa, Italy in 2018 too.
The event management of these rides includes the building of kitchens for chefs from Dubai and the UK to prepare catering for everyone involved. Many VIP’s and VVIP’s from around the globe attend the rides with many high-profile riders being the stars. Consequently, security and standards are extremely high and our team organises, manages and caters for everyone. The VVIP and VIP’s relax and eat within their private lounges, with international sponsors and jockeys in a different location, all inside magnificently designed and constructed marquees. AC chefs work alongside those of our client, to create delicious international and middle eastern food over two or three days at the race meetings.
Bars are an AC specialty and we design several over the season for this event. From these popular stations, our cheerful baristas, bar staff and mixologists serve coffee, smoothies and numerous soft drinks.
At the end of each UK season, as a ‘thank you’ to everyone who has made the season possible, the Sheikh rewards everyone with a large festival-style BBQ where eating, music, dancing and general celebration is the order of the day.