Kensington Palace State Apartments

Still home to British royalty, the timeless elegance and storied past of Kensington Palace will charm and delight as you gather with family, friends and colleagues to celebrate and mark special moments.


Kensington Gardens
W8 4PX

Nearest tube station:

High Street Kensington or Queensway



Reception – up to 800 people
Dinner – up to 300 people

State Apartments

Reception – up to 220 people
Dinner – up to 270 people

Queen’s Gallery:

Reception – up to 170 people
Dinner – up to 70 people

The Hub:

Reception – up to 400 people
Dinner – up to 230 people

Outdoor space – Yes

The Admirable Crichton is pleased to cater here when we have placed the business. Therefore, please contact us to book the venue on your behalf and discuss your requirements. click here