National Gallery - Yves Saint Laurent Room

The National Gallery is located in the heart of London – the centrepiece of Trafalgar Square and the backdrop to historic moments and contemporary celebrations.

Inside the building, it’s not only the paintings that demand attention, the grand architecture changes from Victorian splendour to modern minimalism in a few steps, meaning there is always a suitable and impressive space for your event.

The Yves Saint Laurent Room is an elegant gallery dedicated to Rubens, the most celebrated Flemish painter of Western art. Located centrally within the gallery, this elegant event space can be coupled with any number of the other galleries for events or private tours.

Make the most of your exclusive access to the Gallery with a private tour. A Gallery expert will lead you through the empty Gallery after hours to discover the history and stories from the collection. Also available are bespoke tours and talks, built around your theme.


Reception: 100
Dinner: 60