Top 10 Foods You Will Find on Every Caterer Located in London

So, are you looking for the exclusive list of foods common for every Londoner caterer?

Are you up-to-date with the popular dishes in London?

London, “the world’s capital”, abounds with great food. You can expect to find every nationality in London. With every nationality catered for, you will find practically every dish imaginable in London. London also boasts such a melting pot of cultures.

As a food enthusiast, I adore London for its vast encompass of food cultures. Many of the followers of this blog frequently ask me to discuss the best food dishes to experience, in case they visit London. Of course, you should visit London and experience the food heaven it offers.

But, which foods must you eat?

There are endless choices when it comes to London dishes. But, there must be some foods you must try when you are in London – the foods that are popular among caterers.

So, what are they?

In this article, I will be discussing the top 10 foods that are most popular in London.

Let’s get started:

  1. Roast Peking Duck - Hutong

    It is located on the 33rd floor of the Shard. If you care about ambience when it comes to eating, the view will be enough for you to visit the Hutong. The food the Hutong features the best is the Roast Peking Duck.

    And, this is the top food for many caterers in London for many reasons. This brings out the sumptuous flavor that you have never known. If you are interested in Chinese cuisine, then the Roast Peking Duck will be a great reason for you to try.

    It is an amazing meal that you can serve to offer all rolled into one kind of dish. You can embellish the duck with cucumber, hoi sin, and spring onion. All this can create delicate pancakes.

    This is done in accordance with Chinese tradition. You have to fry any remaining meat with onions. Then, serve atop iceberg lettuce.

  2. Meat Fruit – Dinner by Heston

    Not everyone can create a chicken liver parfait that would resemble an orange. You will need a special chef that would capable of creating such food.

    Mr Blumental is exactly the kind of a chef. The food is served encased in a mandarin jelly.

    The creamy parfait is so delicious that it could garner a lot of attention if it wasn’t a reminiscent for a piece of fruit.

  3. Bangle Scotch Egg – Cinnamon Soho

    Scotch Eggs specializes on fine dining. They are a British institution.

    Cinnamon adds a new flavor to all, adding finely chopped vegetables and a rich mix of spices to the timeless recipe. The British-Indian relations are a long-standing one.

    Nobody thought the relations could be represented by an egg!

  4. Marinated Scallops – Pied a Terre

    Pied a Terre is an exclusive treat for presentation. The Michelin-starred feature makes the dish far more appealing. Pied a Terre features the mouth-watering mixture of colors. Their marinated scallops would look fitting for the wall of a modern art gallery.

    And, they are also astonishingly delicious.

  5. Coal-roasted Aubergine Salad – Smoking Goat

    If you keep tabs on restaurant news, you may have heard of the notorious critic, Fay Maschler. She was so astonished with the salad at Smoking Goat that she could eat the salad at least three times a day.

    With the salad, you will have a patchwork of roasted rice powder, spicy fish and runny egg. How it is all different is that roasted rice powder adds a crunch, fish sauce adds a kick and a runny egg feels some oozing stickiness.

    You will have to agree with Fay Maschler on this one.

  6. Crab Doughnuts – Chiltern Firehouse

    The great thing about Chiltern Firehouse is that you are going to stumble upon celebrities. What do the people eat there you may wonder that it’s such a favorite for many? Crab doughnuts. Since there are many high-profile people coming in and out of the place, you would expect it to be special.

    It actually is!

    Crab-stuffed buns blended with crab coral, add to that is crab coral dusting and spicy truffle paste. That’s what makes the food really amazing.

  7. Suckling Pig Belly – the Dairy

    Pork has been a traditional item for many foods. It is recently resurrected for many modern dishes as well. What is key thing about this particular dish is that the Dairy gives us 2 types of on one plate.

    You have pig cheek joining the suckling pig belly. Then, you have the tasty accompaniment of walnut and apple chutney. Then, in order to complement the dish, you have to throw in some cabbage for good measure.

  8. Peanut Butter Parfait – Kopapa

    The ingredients are enough for an explanation of the dish. You have gooey 75% chocolate delice, chocolate crumble, chocolate base and salted caramel sauce. If you find these items favorite, you’d better check out the dish at Kopapa.

  9. Pulled Pork and Ribs – Pitt Cue

    Pulled pork seems to be everywhere. Pitt Cue has something different to offer though. It is something distinguishable. They pulled of mouth-watering pulled pork and mighty beef ribs. Whenever you will visit the restaurant, you will encounter a long queue outside the restaurant.

  10. Smoked Salmon and Black Olive Crumb – Canvas Chelsea

    As the name of the place suggests, you get to have real artistic experience visiting Canvas Chelsea. Each ingredient of the dish is nicely surrounding the plate. Like everything at Canvas has truly something to feature.

    You have borage petals, black olive soil, smoked salmon, semi0dried tomato and seaweed dust.


Finding the top 10 foods is like separating the wheat from the chaff. It’s no small task. It’s a daunting task. There will be opposing comments and your own list of top 10 foods. In this article, I came up with the top 10 amazing dishes you will find in London.

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