Happy couples. Friends and family. The perfect day.
Your AC wedding.

AC weddings are bespoke and unique to you. Designed and planned to perfection with fabulous food and flawless service, but above all - fun.

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Mouth-watering menus. Hungry guests. Wedding catering.

Food at a wedding should be delicious, look incredible and be worthy of such an important celebration. This glowing testimonial came from a recent groom, "The food was perfect from the first bite of canapés to the final mouthful of that perfect parfait".

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Spectacular flowers. Glittering tables. AC design.

Weddings should be extraordinary, unique and fabulous and our designers work hard to achieve the perfect balance of luxury, innovation and practicality while keeping an eye on the purse strings.

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Flowers. Cakes. Entertainment. Wedding cars. Small things matter!

"They thought of everything. Right down to the personalised Champagne glasses". As it is often the small touches that make the biggest impact and stay in the minds of guests long after the day has finished, our planners always find some special touches to delight everyone.

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Marquees. Flowers. Green open spaces. AC country weddings.

The AC utilises nature's best design element - the splendour of the outdoors to make country weddings extraordinary. It may be in the Shires, the Highlands or in the grounds of your home, but nothing says relaxed style like a wedding in the countryside.

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Azure seas. Rolling hillsides. Glamorous locations.
AC destination weddings.

If you are looking for something completely different, somewhere to get away from it all and celebrate in style, we transform faraway destinations into your dream wedding location. After all, we have been experts at this for over 30 years.

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Sumptuous catering. Outstanding locations. Sensational design. Asian weddings by Maia.

With our specialist Asian design and catering arm, Maia by The AC, we have experts on hand to help you find the perfect hot spot.

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