Country weddings

Every UK county and country has its beauty and with the most spectacular, lush green countryside in the world, some argue there is no better place to hold a country wedding. With the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales, Hampshire’s New Forest, Kent’s garden of England’ and Scottish fields covered in fragrant heathers, we are spoilt for choice.

More flexibility than the city

Luxury or boutique hotels, barns, fields and farms regularly provide excellent venues where happy AC couples and their friends and family celebrate any way they choose.

Weddings at home

One of the most popular locations for a country wedding is a private garden, where simple old-fashioned canvas or stunning modern marquees, yurts and raj tents provide a venue unique to the couple. Our incredible marquee suppliers provide everything from a basic canvas structure, to polygonal or bamboo marquees. Each one beautiful in their own right for both the day and night time festivities.

Your home, your choice

Perhaps a small, private dinner party is called for within a private house or garden. Maybe you would like to create a private space to dance the night away. Whatever you choose, the AC has been providing stylish design and catering for many years.

The AC does it best

No matter what your style and how you would like to celebrate, our wedding planners will help make your day unforgettable.

‘One guest told us,’

“This is the best wedding I have ever been to. So relaxed, tasteful, well organised and beautiful in every way. The AC obviously does it best”!