Food & Drink

Our talented team of passionate chefs constantly develop truly spectacular food and design delicious bespoke menus for every event. The fragile balance of the earth is something of which we are acutely aware and our commitment to the environment extends to every part of our business. Ingredients are ethically sourced and seasonal where possible and come from the farms and seas of Great Britain. With these excellent raw ingredients and our range of culinary skills, we are able to produce a multicultural range of cuisines, which is perfectly in tune with the socio-diversity of our clients.


It’s the little things that make the difference.

Our canapés are the perfect complement to our tailor made cocktails, or just the beginning of a more extended feast.

Delicate, intensely flavoured and visually beautiful – these "tiny bites of heaven" are the essence of Entertaining Excellence.

Bowl Food

For a relaxed but more substantial food choice, our bowl food is deliciously chic and most importantly easily eaten with a fork, whilst chatting with guests.

These contemporary dishes are ideal for a gallery launch, corporate hospitality or beautiful garden party, where space is tight or when guests are arriving at different times.

First Course

First impressions count: the first course needs to combine the unexpected and the familiar and our chefs create exciting new flavour combinations every day to delight and surprise. Our stunning starters are always delicious and beautiful, ensuring your guests begin their dinner with the finest food in London.

Main Course

The main course should be a fine balance between textures, flavour and colour and of course taste totally delicious. There are many ways to wow your guests and our chefs produce both inspired and beautifully executed dishes every time.

Presentation is equally important as taste for The AC and as contemporary London event caterers, our skillful chefs with their passion and innovation, create outstanding dishes for the most discerning palates.


Our puddings and desserts are glamorous, elegant and luxurious whether delicate, fresh and pretty, or warm and comforting on a cold night. They are like the epilogue of a good book: reflective, satisfying, and will leave you still thinking about it long after you have finished.

Using cutting edge techniques to end a meal in theatrical AC style, our chefs can create an edible work of art in front of your guests with food sprays and nitro-frozen delectables. Making the food a performance in itself is a truly memorable way to conclude the culinary delights the AC can produce.

Food Stalls, Buffets and Street Food

Food stalls are extremely popular for more casual events, whereas buffets can delight your guests with the most lavish and glamorous settings. The AC is the market leader in providing beautiful, fun and delicious food in these more theatrical ways.

Street food is the current trend and there is no sign of losing any of its momentum. Interesting, fun and delicious, it transports your hungry guests around the globe, from the sunny streets of LA to a spicy Cantonese kitchen, sultry Arabian souk or a good old fashioned British pub. More casual than bowl food, as many items are hand held, street food keeps hungry party goers fuelled for an evening of drinking and dancing, offering party food with a difference.

Wine, Champagne and Cocktails

AC guests eagerly anticipate the arrival of an attentive waiter or waitress bearing a loaded tray of cool, crisp cocktails, which quickly become the topic of conversation. Innovative combinations of spirits, mixers and fruit purees, herbs or spices turn simple ingredients into a wickedly indulgent treat.

Our own mixologist loves to pour, shake, chill and dream (we suspect quite a lot of the latter but the results are delicious.) Our sommeliers are highly skilled in pairing the delicious creations from our kitchen with the superb wines in our cellars. The Admirable Crichton’s wine list is only an indication of the wines we have discovered, and we are always delighted to work in collaboration with you to plan the wines for your event.

We are also extremely proud of our house Champagne, specifically selected by our CEO Anis Asghar, from the fertile vines of the Janisson estate in the Grand Cru village of Verzenay. Its subtle sophistication has allowed it to beat many top brands in several blind tastings and of course we are also able to supply the brands of your choice.