Wine, Champagne and Cocktails

AC guests eagerly anticipate the arrival of an attentive waiter or waitress bearing a loaded tray of cool, crisp cocktails, which quickly become the topic of conversation. Innovative combinations of spirits, mixers and fruit purees, herbs or spices turn simple ingredients into a wickedly indulgent treat.

Our own mixologist loves to pour, shake, chill and dream (we suspect quite a lot of the latter but the results are delicious.) Our sommeliers are highly skilled in pairing the delicious creations from our kitchen with the superb wines in our cellars. The Admirable Crichton’s wine list is only an indication of the wines we have discovered, and we are always delighted to work in collaboration with you to plan the wines for your event.

We are also extremely proud of our house Champagne, specifically selected by our CEO Anis Asghar, from the fertile vines of the Janisson estate in the Grand Cru village of Verzenay. Its subtle sophistication has allowed it to beat many top brands in several blind tastings and of course we are also able to supply the brands of your choice.

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