Why Wedding Caterers Can Be Affordable Solutions for Weddings in London

So, you are looking for an affordable wedding caterer in London?

We all want to make the wedding day as memorable as possible. On your special day, you definitely want to make the feast as impressive as possible. You will have plenty of photo shots, videos to remember your special day.

But, what will help your guests remember your wedding day?

All kidding aside, it’s the food.

You sure want to wow your guests and enjoy the food yourselves too. And, the people who will make your dreamy wedding come true are wedding caterers.

When it comes to living in London, you have one of the most culturally impressive cities in the world. The world’s capital features some of the finest caterers in the world. The most unique London couples sure want to seek out the best of the best to make their special day memorable.

Affordable Wedding Caterers Solutions

Getting married, but worried about tight budget?

Thinking of hiring a caterer within your budget?

Like everything else, the average cost of a wedding in the UK seems to going up. Now you have to allocate at least £20,000 for a wedding ceremony. Add to that is the cost of catering service. You have to spend at least £3,000.

But, many of us still want to reduce the cost significantly and hire caterers affordably. If you are wondering how you can hire a wedding caterer in London affordably, then this is the article for you.

Let’s begin our hunt for affordable caterers:

  • Mandarin Oriental

    Londoners who had their wedding ceremonies organized by Mandarin Oriental will remember the site for its impressive and gorgeous setting. Over the years Mandarin Capital created a brand that many associated it with its full wedding service on site.

    But, little did Londoners know that you can enjoy its top-quality catering in the venue of your choice. Mandarin Capital has been known for its top-notch catering. You can afford its service any venue you wish for.

    With Mandarin Capital as your caterer, you can truly feel like you are having a royal wedding.

    Website: www.mandarincapital.com

  • Moving Venue

    Moving Venue tries to represent the wonderful food and cuisine culture of the UK. Of course, you are going to experience modern techniques. Moving Venue is able to combine both the past and present trend in the same spot.

    One thing that stands out with Moving Venue is its ability to impress guests on a tight budget. So, if you want to handle your wedding ceremony on a tight budget, have Moving Venue by your side.

    Website: www.movingvenue.com

  • Top Hat Catering

    It’s one of the best caterers in the UK. Tattler named Top Hat Catering the #1 caterer in the UK for four years in a row. Therefore, you can expect the service of Top Hat Catering to be top-notch.

    The catering service was started by the experienced and passionate Hattie Mauleverer-Jones. It ascended to popularity with some of the most delightful palattes in London. Top Hat Catering has been pleasing Londoners for the last 10 years.

    Website: www.tophatcatering.co.uk

  • Caper & Berry

    Caper & Berry hasn’t been around for long. Compared to other caterers mentioned in this article, Caper & Berry is kind of new. Since inception, Caper & Berry matched and exceeded guests’ and couple’s expectations.

    Whoever hired Caper & Berry knows that it is extremely warm and personable as far as servicing is concerned. Caper & Berry can impress any couple; be it 30 or 600 guests. It is a favorite among couples and guests alike.

    Website: www.caperandberry.co.uk

  • The Admirable Crichton

    The caterer has been a popular choice for thousands of Londoners. Its notable guest include the Prince of Wales. The Admirable Crichton is truly admirable due to its stance for the very best of British hospitality and cuisine.

    It’s not only with its catering service, you can experience amazing atmosphere around. The Admirable Crichton is affordable too. If you are looking for an affordable caterer with boastful reputation, the Admirable Crichton stands out.

    Website: www.admirable-crichton.com

  • Hand Made Food

    Looking for something traditional and less flashy? Then, choose Hand Made Food. It’s been quite an expert in London for sustainable cooking, catering. And, its delicious dishes are in line with season.

    Hand Made Food is a testament to excellent flavor and quality that you can afford without breaking the bank. And, all this top-notch service can be attained for ethical food.

  • Rhubarb

    The caterer is exceptional for creating unique menus that exceed taste and style. The taste and style is bound to reflect your personal style and your overall feel. If you wish to look for outstanding personal service, then don’t look beyond Rhubarb.

    Website: www.rhubarb.co.uk


If you are looking for affordable wedding caterers around London, then this is the guide you have been looking for. In this article, I discussed the top-ranking wedding caterers in London.

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